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Immaculate Conception CYO Newsletter- Fall and Winter

posted Dec 16, 2012, 11:02 AM by Immaculate Conception CYO   [ updated Dec 19, 2012, 5:33 PM ]
Immaculate Conception CYO Newsletter- Fall and Winter

Each year our parish youth participate in the many athletic and cultural programs offered through the Immaculate Conception Catholic Youth Organization (IC CYO). In the Catholic Youth Organization, the athletic and cultural programs give each participant an opportunity to grow in character, ability and community while honoring oneself, as well as one’s family, teammates, officials and church. 

To sustain this focus, the CYO
endeavors to help young people be more Christ-like in the way they live. Each participant, parent, coach, official and volunteer strive to work together to bring the catholic vision and values to life in every aspect of the CYO programs. 

This fall kicked off another eventful season of sports and culinary events.  IC’s CYO program had another record number of participants in the various sports and cultural events. The program serves over 200 school, CCD and parish children ranging from 3rd to 8th grade as well as high school level athletes. The Immaculate Conception CYO program is comprised of Volleyball, Cheerleading, Track/Cross Country (coming in 2013), basketball, and softball/baseball teams. Also included in the CYO program are cultural events such as Kitchen Kapers, Declamation and art competitions.

Fall Sports Wrap

Our girls’ volleyball team just concluded another exciting  season, coached by Jim Dlhopolsky, who developed his team and improved game after game. We appreciate Jim’s effort in carrying the volleyball program to another successful year. Cross-country was available on an independent level (grades Kindergarten to 8th grade) with meets held at Alvernia University. The IC CYO is looking forward to sponsoring a “team” sport next fall season. Hope to see our parish children running this summer to prepare for the fall season.

Kitchen Kapers

When our CYO Athletes are not taking the field, court or track, they are…of course… cooking! The 2012 Kitchen Kapers was a huge success with over 12 winners in various culinary categories as well as the County CYO Grand Champion- Alex Cl. We applaud their efforts in the kitchen and look forward to the events ahead, especially their creations.

Winter Sports

Basketball is front and center with our defending county champion cheerleading team and the boys and girls basketball teams opening their season with practices and tournament play. The 7th Annual Pre-season Boys and Girls Varsity Tournament was held Nov. 15th through the 18th  including 15 catholic boys and girls teams competing to win their pools and capture treasured memories of competition, camaraderie and, most importantly, a fun experience! Thank you all that volunteered their time and energy to make this year’s tournament a success!

Volunteer your time- Open positions and a special Thank you!

“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because their worthless, but because they are priceless”

In order to run a program of this magnitude, we need the help of many coaches and volunteers. We have an overwhelming number of parents who volunteered this year and we are most grateful for their help. Our program simply could not run without our excellent cast of volunteers, coaches, participants and the IC CYO Board! We applaud you and thank you for your extraordinary help!

Please offer your appreciation to a special IC CYO Board member who will be stepping down after several years of commitment. Please join us in thanking Kathy Hafer for her efforts in continuing to efforts in keep the CYO program alive and thriving! We have enjoyed her on the CYO Team! Enjoy your retirement Kathy!

Volunteering is a very rewarding experience. Please consider joining in on many of the opportunities that help push the IC CYO program to new and exciting initiatives and successes. Also, if you interested in leadership positions on our Board, we have positions open on our IC CYO Board to seize the opportunity in developing our program. Please contact our Board President, Matt Deviney (610)-404-2245 with questions and/or interests.

Competing while remaining Christ-like in all that you say and do is our goal at the IC CYO. All of us in the IC CYO program hope that you enjoy your participation in our sports and cultural events and that we all display and live our mission each day to help make CYO be the best that it can be. 

Our goal in the Immaculate Conception CYO program is to provide opportunities for youth to grow in faith and understanding of their Church through involvement in parish, regional, and Archdiocesan life and ultimately to enable and empower youth to become responsible participants in their faith community. Our intention in CYO Athletics is that the experiences, learning and lasting memories of our sports program go beyond the court, field, gym or track. 

"Sport...contributes to the love of life, teaches sacrifice, respect and responsibility, leading to the full development of every human person..."  Pope John Paul II

We encourage you to contact the IC CYO Board to find out information related to sponsored CYO programs, board positions, coaching, volunteering and attending the competitive events.

The IC CYO Board are grateful for your support and look forward to having you involved in the Catholic Youth Organization’s programs at Immaculate Conception. 

Yours in Christ.


Matt Deviney-Immaculate Conception CYO Board President