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Checking in...Week of April 20

posted Apr 20, 2015, 6:36 AM by m4 Life
TWO GAMES THIS WEEK!!! - Wed (home) Friday (St. Francis, Bally)

*** GAME CHANGE:  Please let me know if 8:00 works for Friday's Game ***  

GAME 1: Seriously, folks, he girls did really well last night when you consider the changes that were thrown at them (& us!) at the field.  Much of the confusion was due to the fact that our coaching staff was not represented at the league meeting on March 30, due to our own private commitments.  To summarize two big changes:
  1. the girls can steal when the ball leaves the pitcher's hand, NOT when it crosses the plate
  2. there can be NO standing contact with the catcher or girls will be ejected.
    1. if the catcher has the ball when you are coming home on a tag play you MUST:
      1. give yourself up
      2. go around her
      3. slide
So Coach Fontana and I were having individual, on-base discussions with the girls as they came to our bases.  Normally, I'd prefer to reinforce teachings while the girls are running, not teach them for the first time...we can fix that.


We have much to work on tonight, focusing on rules changes and the strategies to address them properly by acting out base-running situations.  Additionally, I am hoping to have a skills coach present today (Coach Bobb or Fontana) to work with pitchers and catchers exclusively for the majority of  practice... as you see there is much action at the plate with that duo with the rule change.

There will NOT be any work on hitting in practice this week, so if you want to get the girls to the cages that'd be good....maybe you could team up on Tuesday & hit SlugFest in Exeter!  Feel free to use the email list to coordinate that effort.

I think the girls all know the batting basics and simply need to gain confidence in front of the plate, which comes from being in front of the plate as much as possible.  The 2 games this week should help in that regard also.

Gooooo Knights!