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Mouth Guard

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"For mouth guards, you can spend as much or as little as you like. Longstreths and Dicks have plenty to choose from. Some accommodate braces. The point of a mouth guard is really to protect the brain from concussion. This is widely overlooked in girls sports. Our house rule was always face guard for the infield, mouth guard in the OF." (information courtesy of Mrs. Karen Slattery, parent of Boone HS standout and club player, Bekah Slattery)


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"Rip-It" - Available at Dick's Sporting Goods or Longstreth's
"Game Face" - Available at Gameface:
"The key is a proper fit. Follow manufacture suggestions. They should NOT have a big gap between the pad and cheek. It is often necessary to wear a youth size vs adult. Be sure for a proper fit." (information courtesy of Mrs. Karen Slattery, parent of Boone HS standout & club player, Bekah Slattery) 
Face guards are mandatory in some leagues:
Most injuries occur during warm ups:

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